Minutes of Meeting on 25/09/2018

A meeting is called by President Sri Shekhar Agarwal on 25/09/2018 on election following the undermentioned points as agreed by the members and passed by the chair.

  • Members with their consent the same committee of executive members is elected for the association.
  • Fair again declared 5/5/7th January 2019
  • Three more members have shown their interest for Executive Committee viz. Manishji (JMDEE), Vivek Ji (VibTib Apparels) and Deepak Ji (Ganga Fashion).
  • Purchase of new office property.
  • Reshuffling of Executive Member's Post
  • Adding of Retailers in the Committee
  • Procession or Dharna against the 28th Sept. Bharat Vyapar Bandh by CIAT
  • 28th Sept. declared to be participating in the All India Business Bandh by CIAT
  • Diwali function date to be announced.